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writing-centerLearn. Decide. Call. A motto I live by. Absorb as much information as you can to make a knowledgeable decision. Choose the best plan of action or purchase based on that intelligence. Finally, take action.

Currently a licensed life insurance agent, I graduated with a Bachelor’s from Wake Forest University and a Masters from The University of Texas at Austin. I have years of experience working within a spectrum of financial industries and with a multitude of diversified clients – from the mom-and-pop Debt Settlement companies to the Fortune 500 Credit Card Issuers. I’ve seen what having limited monetary resources can do to a family, as well as the detriment that having a surplus of financial assets too easily at your disposal can cause. This was my primary reason for deciding to engross myself in practices that prevent such harm to a person, a family, and their loved ones. This is why I turned my focus to insurance.

There are a lot of sites on the World Wide Web that promote Insurance programs. However, where are the sites that attest to their validity and benefits? Where are the sites that can indiscriminately inform consumers about the programs that most aptly fit their needs? They are admittedly difficult to locate. This is why I decided to concentrate on advising consumers of their options rather than selling them a product.

There is nothing more powerful when it comes to purchasing decisions then an informed consumer. You would never go into a brick-and-mortar store with a blindfold on and buy the first item you touch. So why do consumers comparably do that now online? So many of us don’t hesitate to sign-up, enroll, submit, accept, and purchase online with little-to-no supportive info. It’s very easy to get feedback and reviews by talking to your family, friends and even complete strangers, yet we don’t reach out. This is why I decided to write a blog.

I wanted an informal, yet informative, way to relay pertinent information about an industry and product that is so important, and most times necessary. I wanted to provide a way to converse with others, as well as reach out to service providers when you are ready to make a decision. I also wanted to offer a way to contact these companies on your terms. Using technology that I developed with a programmer, I have implemented phone technology on my site that ultimately puts you, the consumer, in charge.

So I hope you enjoy the site and find it helpful. I am always open to feedback, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me if there is every anything you want to know more about or feel I could do better with.  Without information, we become stagnant and rarely improve.

Learn. Decide. Call.


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