We don’t need no stinkin’ Life Insurance

So why do you take out life insurance? Well, Dateline or 48 hours might lead you to believe it’s so you can benefit from the unexpected death of someone you intentionally kill specifically for their life insurance. However, that will land you in jail, and is never really a great idea. I watched a Dateline [...]

Premium, Loading, Reserves. Oh my!

MIE – nope, this isn’t what Miss Piggy is famous for saying. Rather, it’s an acronym for the three factors considered in figuring rates for an individual life policy. “M” is for Mortality. “I” is for Interest Rates. “E” is for Expenses. Mortality are the death claims the company expects to pay. This uses a [...]

Don’t hate me because I’m Single.

I recently came across an article on Investopedia that lists the top 10 Insurance myths, and two stood out in my mind. Myth #1 I’m Single and Don’t Have Dependents, so I don’t need coverage:  I have to admit, when I was single, making sure I had life insurance was not only not a priority, [...]

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