Life=math problem: + irritation, – sleep, × problems, ÷ happiness.

“The quality of life that you have is determined solely by the effort you put into giving your life value, purpose and a reason.” – Steven Redhead, the Solution. Sorry Mr. Redhead, but that’s not entirely true when it comes to life insurance. Rather, your annual salary and the number of years left to work [...]

Premium, Loading, Reserves. Oh my!

MIE – nope, this isn’t what Miss Piggy is famous for saying. Rather, it’s an acronym for the three factors considered in figuring rates for an individual life policy. “M” is for Mortality. “I” is for Interest Rates. “E” is for Expenses. Mortality are the death claims the company expects to pay. This uses a [...]

A Verbal Contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on

A Verbal Contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. – Samuel Goldwyn I first came to realize the surplus of contracts out there after getting engaged. There’s the marriage contract and prenuptial agreement (needless to say, we did not need this). There’s the contract required to join bank accounts and another to put someone [...]

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